Monday, June 2, 2008

u YorkiePoo

Sorry for my absence of posts lately, I recently finished my script and have been in drawn out negotiations to get my script sold to a yet unnamed studio. Suffice to say, it’s a done deal, you can look for my movie late next summer, perhaps Labor Day weekend 2009, with Brad Pitt in the lead, chasing down tons of hot bitches.

u YorkiePoo is a post modern action thriller about the worlds most prolific watch dog, who is surreptitiously drugged and captured by a corporate titan, Micro Flaccid, so that his DNA can be extracted and used to clone and merge with cybernetic implants to create an even tougher, harder to stop watch dog who will be used to help Micro Flaccid take over global leadership in a world where large scale multi-national corporations rule the world and its resources while governments kowtow to the tyrannical whims of the CEO’s of these corporations.

In true action thriller style, our yet to be named villain decides to dispose of our hero, me, in an overly elaborate manor, from which, I of course escape. Think James Bond in Goldfinger. After disposing of dozens of low grade bad dogs, German Shepard’s, Dobermans etc, I go about the business of saving the world.

There will be lots of totally believable stunts, great cars and of course lots of hot bitches.