Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living the Rich Life

Ok, I still don't like scotch, much to my owners chagrin, but a pint of Guiness still goes really well with a nice medium boddied cigar. I was kind of surprised, I don't usually hang out with him and his friends when they are drinking scotch and smoking cigars, but since I expressed some interest in the cigar he was smoking, he whipped one out for me. He said it was a milder, softer smoke that I might like. Knowing how much I like Guiness, he offered me a puppy pint to go with the smoke. I must say, I enjoyed the crunchy, fuzzy character of the cigar.

I certainly think that this can only enhance my reputation as an international puppy dog of mystery. I will need to see if I can find a store that takes my American Express card so that I can get myself a Hugh Hefner style smoking jacket. Ahh the good life. One lesson for everyone, avoid the wrong end of the cigar. Its not real tasty.

I wonder how this would go with a nice plate of sum dum cat and a side of Cinnabones in lobster sauce. Ya know, all this talk of food, drink and good life has me thinking that I should probably go out and get some lunch. There are some nice places to eat near the Williams Sonoma in Clarendon. The choices are endless. There are several Irish pubs who serve Guiness stew, one of my favorites. Just about anything with beef in it is a favorite. There's Indian, pizza, Mexican, Chineese, Italian, BBQ, wings ... Actually I think I will go for a walk down to my favorite BBQ joint, Rocklands for some ribs and onion rings. Yep, time to go, bye.

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